My experience to Bhangarh(That was new year’s day)Part-1

Read & try to visualize it!!!

You will have more fun!!!!

About the haunted place-
Yeah!you are right”Most haunted place of India”.
There are two legends narrated to the history of Bhangarh.One I’m going to tell you in short which i have been told by a localite.A wizard fell in love with princess of Bhangarh named Ratnavati who was very beautiful.One day wizard replaced her scent with a love potion & offered the potion to her so that she would start liking him.Meanwhile,princess knew that & threw it onto a big boulder nearby.Than the boulder started rolling down towards wizard & crushed him.Before he died,he cursed bhangarh & the princess that they would be destroyed soon & no one be able to live within its precincts.Since then spirits are present all around there specially of princess ratnavati.(which was seen by some villagers as they told us)
Journey toward the Fort-
Enough of story,now i’ll tell you my experience.This haunted visit took place on 1st Jan.of 2013.yeah!that was first day of new year.Me & my friends booked an innova & started our journey from jaipur(Rajasthan).It took almost reached there.(i know it seems more but we were approaching our destination while enjoying our journey as well.Instead of this,one friend of mine also got sick not because of haunt but due to hangover of last night’s new year eve.)😉😉

Horror Day(About Haunted Place)
Finally we all reached there.I was very excited to see the India’s most haunted place.Fort was situated at the foot of the hills on sloping terrain & the ruins of the palace were located on the lower slopes of the hills.Driver parked the car & i gave my Nikon camera to him so that he can take our pictures & i don’t get disturbed in exploring the Bhangarh.There were a sign board posted by ASIC(Archaeological Survey of India),pic is below in case you want to read that-

Pic courtesy-Eityshri

Then we entered into the bhangarh through a huge iron main gate.There was a Hanuman temple on the right side.Some villagers told us that anyone who wants to visit the bhangarh,first have to go to the temple,so we followed the rituals & went into the temple.Temple was ancient,there were cracks & blackish hue all over the walls.Than a saint entered into the temple just like some old horror bollywood movie(in such expressions) & gave as Prasad.We were little scared to eat that you know because of some obvious reasons.😐We moved forward,there were huge & much extended ground.A strange thing which i have been notice that,,there were walls of houses or rooms all around which were half broken.See👇

Pic courtesy- Eityshri

Pic courtesy-Eityshri

Pic courtesy- Eityshri

Pic courtesy-Eityshri

Pic courtesy-Eityshri

As you guys have seen above,this was very strange in a way.
So this was some of strange things which i have been noticed after entering in the bhangarh.More to come.Exploration of haunted place will be continuing in the second part(Part-2) of my haunted trip.
Hope you guys liked the part-1.Just Stay Tuned
I’ll be publishing the part-2 on 24th of sep.

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Thankyou for reading👍

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