Trip to Bhangarh(part-2)

Read & Try to visualize it!!!

You will have more fun!!!

About Haunted Place-

So you guys have experienced the whole thing which i have been seen in part-1

For those who still have not seen part-1 click here to read it first.

We moved forward.Many plants were there but all were fade(May be plants withered due to heat).Pictures are below-

Pic courtesy- Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

There were one more temple,named Gopinath Temple & it was looking very beautiful & huge from the previous one.Many stairs were there to reached the temple.Finally we reached there & what we saw,was unbelievable.There were no statue of Lord.The main area of temple was empty(No God).We were shocked to see that.Attractive artwork were there on temple’s wall.


But one thing i have to confess here that the place was very photogenic.Finally we entered into the Bhangarh Fort.It was very destroyed all over.

Pic courtesy – Dr.eityshri

Pic courtesy- Dr.eityshri

There were debris of walls & darkness.Dark rooms were looking very scary.Some locals told us that one of them was Queen Ratnawati’s room.I looked the fort very slowly so that i don’t miss any part of fort.There were one ‘shiva temple’at the side of main area & was very spacious & peaceful.I actually felt kind of normal over there.One little pond beside it & other things.See below-

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

Final Conclusion(from my experience)-

My journey was very adventurous & decent because there were no any paranormal activity in our presence(we were glad to know that).But i felt a strange type of silence in the air of fort.I don’t know rather it was that real haunted stories belong to fort or because of the dry view.We left the place before dark as per the rules but themystery is still unrevealed.But i had too much fun on new year’s first day.

Hope you guys liked this & haunt as well during read. & yes… you should also go there & let me know your views & how was your experience.or you want to go there or not.

About food-

There were no any food arrangement near bhangarh.So it’s good to take your water & food items with you.Some stalls of snacks are there but they are little far from the place.

Thankyou all for reading.Keep reading & Stay tuned!!! I’ll see you on 8th of october with my new blog.


Author: Travel Dream

Hello everyone!!!! I'm an independent & spiritualistic girl.I'm a dental surgeon by profession & a writer,sketcher(can follow my sketches on ) & of course a traveller too. In this page you'll get to know about the places i have visited & going to visit.A detailed experience about how i felt there & how u can feel there if you go on those sites.I'll post my blog on every 8th of month.Yeah!there is a reason behind this.My father's birthday is on this date. Hopefully,my blog will be helpful & adventurous to most ;-) I would love to hear from all.So share whatever you feel like to improve my blog. Love Dr.Eityshri Tanwar

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