Sohna hot water spring(part-2)

Hey guys!wish you a very happy deepawali!!!

I’m back again with my journey to Taj but first i’ll tell you about that hidden place which we visited accidently.

It was a beautiful & peaceful morning with preaching sound of birds & cold breeze full of fresh oxygen.It was feeling like my lungs were very happy after inhaling fresh oxygen.We were going to see the tajmahal in the month of love…yeah! in feb. We settled down in our white car with hot home made breakfast & other things as well.We started our journey.After almost 2hrs. Of continuing driving with various type of loud music playing in car & giving a soulful treat to my eyes by watching out side the car window,we stopped to a tapri to dring some tea.
Shiv kund Hot water spring-

On the way we had our breakfast.We were moving towards our destination,suddenly nowhere our car took wrong path i mean we lost our way to agra & appeared on wrong road.We were trying to find right path by using google map & enquiring with localites.

Than we saw a sign board towards a big hill & we saw many people were going over there,we were surprised to see that.So we made up our mind to go there & make our journey more adventurous.We turned our car towards the hill & moved forward by the help of sign boards & people.Driving on hills give me goose bumps but i was enjoying it.At last we reached very near to our mysterious place.This place was sohna.Sohna is a small tourist place & known for its 
hot water spring & aravali hills.It’s about 30kms. away from rajiv chowk,gurugram(Haryana) on delhi-alwar route.

We parked our car on some plain area & start walking.There were a narrow street which were going downword,we took that road & moved forward.There were many shops of food & other things.Then we saw a very big & beautiful temple that was our destination,finally for a hidden place.Many people were gathered in the temple & they were taking  dip into water in the middle of temple,that was kind of strange for me.

Than we got to know about sohna kund also known as shivkund hot water spring.The speciality of that kund is that it was filled with hot water for 24×7 from last many years.I personally saw the steam coming out from that kund.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy- Dr.eityshri

Devotees considered it as sacred place & the water of the kund magical.If someone take bathe with that water or just wash their skin with that water they will never have any kind of allergy or skin disease.because it is said that this holy spring water have many medicinal properties & curative effect.

But the scientific reason behind this -it is having great amount of minerals & full of sulpher & temperature varies from 46°c to 51.7°c.

So this was enough for today.I’ll be adding the real pictures with this blog soon.& we’ll continuing with our Taj trip in my next blog which i’ll publish on 8thnov.Till than keep reading guyz & keep travelling.

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