Trip to Taj Mahal(part-3)

Hey guys!Happy winters.Hope you guys are doing fine…me too.So,here is the another part of my trip to Taj Mahal.

After spending some good time to our mysterious place,we took leave from there & started our journey towards our main destination.We took yamuna expressway.On our way,we had our lunch at Quila(restaurent).Finally,we reached agra.We bought tickets & entered into the main area of Taj Mahal.
About Taj Mahal-

About the history of Taj Mahal ,i have told you in part-1.Now about TajMahal,it comes an area of 42 acres in total.The entire Taj complex consists of five major constituents,namely-•main gateway       •gardens•mosque•rest house & • main mausoleum(Rauza).

The main tomb of Taj Mahal stands on a square platform that was raised 50meter above the river bank.The four minarets on each corner of this square are detached.The western side of the main tomb has the mosque & on the eastern side is the rest house.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

Pic courtesy- Dr.eityshri

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

A shadowy burial crypt inside the Taj Mahal houses the tombs of Mumtaz Mahal & Shah Jahan himself who was buried there after he died.Above these tombs is the main chamber that has the false tomb.Calligraphic inscriptions of the ninety nine names of Allah can also be found on the sides of actual tomb of Mumtaz Mahal.

Out of the total area of 580 meter,the garden alone cover 300meter.
Timing to visit the Taj Mahal-

So readers,this is very important to know the timing of the place where you are going,to make your journey more comfortable.

•Taj Mahal is open from sunrise to sunset during normal operating days.

•Taj Mahal is closed on fridays for general viewing & is opened on friday afternoon only for those who have to attend prayers at the Taj Mosque.

•Tickets are available throughout the day from the western & eastern gate.& 8am to 5pm at southern gate.

•In night timings are 8:30pm to 12:30am(On full moon night ,two days before & two days after.)

We visited the TajMahal thoroughly.Many tourists were there including foreigners.They were enjoying their trip & taking pictures.We also took many pictures.Because you can not hold yourself by not capturing these beautiful moments spend with the Taj.

There were many small small counters of icecreams & snacks out side the Taj diameter.We ate our dinner in restaurent named Taj near the TajMahal.

So this is how once again i visited this place,gracefully.It just that whenever i look at it(TajMahal) i can not take my eyes off.I just fall in love with TajMahal again & again.

Hopefully,this blog will give you enough information so that you also go there & enjoy the place.

This is the end of my trip to TajMahal.I also want to know about you guys -how was your experience or if you want to go there in future.Tell me in the comment section.

Thankyou for reading.Stay tunned.

Author: Travel Dream

Hello everyone!!!! I'm an independent & spiritualistic girl.I'm a dental surgeon by profession & a writer,sketcher(can follow my sketches on ) & of course a traveller too. In this page you'll get to know about the places i have visited & going to visit.A detailed experience about how i felt there & how u can feel there if you go on those sites.I'll post my blog on every 8th of month.Yeah!there is a reason behind this.My father's birthday is on this date. Hopefully,my blog will be helpful & adventurous to most ;-) I would love to hear from all.So share whatever you feel like to improve my blog. Love Dr.Eityshri Tanwar

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