Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Hello everyone!!!Today i’m gonna tell you one of my favourite place in delhi which i have visited many times.

Yeah,It’s Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.
It’s a sikh gurudwara or sikh house of worship.The eighth Sikh Guru,Guru Har Krishan resided at Bangla Sahib which was originally a bungalow belonging to Raj Jai Singh.During that time,there was a small pox & cholera epidemic,& Guru Har Krishna helped the suffering by giving aid & fresh water from the well at this house.Soon he too contracted the illness & eventually died.A small tank was constructed by Raja Jai Singh over the well,it’s water is now revered as having healing properties & is taken by sikhs throughout the world back to their homes.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri


As i told you it’s a beautiful place.The ground include the gurudwara,a kitchen,a large pond,a school & an art gallery.I have visited this place many times.It’s white in color with gold embeded inside the main area.
As we entered in gurudwara we saw there was a shoe house in basement.The area was big & there were many sevadhari who serving.

We kept our footware their & move ahead.We covered our head before entering into the gurudwara.The hall was air conditioned.There were group of 4-5 people who chanting sacred words continously.This all was very peaceful.The ceiling,walls,pillars & even fans everything inside was very royal & were golden in color.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

People were sitting there & worshiping.When we came out from the gurudwara,we saw a pond downstairs.We went their.There were fishes in holy water of pond.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

People were blowing the candles there.Then we went for prasad.We took a token & through the token we had a full plate of halwa(prasad).It was very delectable.At another side,there were a langar hall.As with all sikh gurudwaras,the concept of langar is practiced & all people,regardless of race & religion may eat in the kitchen(langar hall).Many people were gathering outside the hall & waiting for their number.The langar hall were air conditioned too.

The complex also houses a higher secondary school,Baba Baghel Singh Museum,a library & a hospital.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
There were many plants & trees & all were well maintained.We visited all over the complex,took many pictures & sat there for sometime.I felt tranquality there.

Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri
Pic courtesy-Dr.eityshri

I also suggest you guys to visit there once whenever you are in delhi.Do make your plans for it.

Do comment & share your views too for the place.

Stay tuned & keep reading.I’ll be back on 8th dec.


Author: Travel Dream

Hello everyone!!!! I'm an independent & spiritualistic girl.I'm a dental surgeon by profession & a writer,sketcher(can follow my sketches on ) & of course a traveller too. In this page you'll get to know about the places i have visited & going to visit.A detailed experience about how i felt there & how u can feel there if you go on those sites.I'll post my blog on every 8th of month.Yeah!there is a reason behind this.My father's birthday is on this date. Hopefully,my blog will be helpful & adventurous to most ;-) I would love to hear from all.So share whatever you feel like to improve my blog. Love Dr.Eityshri Tanwar

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